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What is the service life of SPC flooring &how to maintain


SPC flooring is a flooring material with excellent performance, but service life and maintenance are also important factors to consider. With proper use and maintenance, SPC flooring can enjoy a long service life while maintaining its beauty and function.



Estimated service life:
The service life of the SPC floor is related to many factors, including the quality of the floor, the quality of the installation, the use environment and the degree of maintenance. Generally speaking, high-quality SPC flooring can be used for 10 years or even longer. However, this does not mean that all SPC floors can reach this lifespan. Therefore, when purchasing flooring, choose the Yinuo brand to ensure the quality of the flooring, and consult Yinuo professionals for the most accurate service life estimate.


SPC floor installation precautions
SPC floor is a kind of floor material that is relatively easy to install, but in order to ensure the installation quality and use effect, the following are the matters needing attention when installing SPC floor:


Preparation: Before installing SPC flooring, make sure the floor is flat, dry, clean, and clear of any obstructions or dust. If the ground is uneven, it should be leveled first.

Temperature and humidity: The installation environment temperature of SPC floor should be between 15°C and 30°C, and the humidity should be controlled within the range of 30% to 60%. Before installation, make sure the floor temperature and humidity meet these requirements.


Floor Arrangement: Choose an appropriate floor arrangement based on the shape and size of the room. Common ones include horizontal paving, vertical paving and 45-degree angle paving. Before installation, layout planning and trial paving can be carried out to ensure the overall effect.


Splicing method: SPC floors usually use snap-on splicing to ensure that the splicing is firm and seamless. When joining, use appropriate tools to insert and join the floorboards together according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure the splice is flat and tap lightly with a rubber mallet to make sure the connection is secure.


Cutting and Trimming: When installing SPC flooring, cuts may be required to fit around corners, doorways, or other special areas. Use the appropriate tool, such as a saw or cutter, to make precise cuts and pay attention to safety.


Determination of the starting row: Start installation from the longest wall side of the room, which can ensure the balance and stability of the overall layout. When using a starter row, be sure to use a floor installation tool to help secure the floor to ensure it is straight and secure.


Expansion joint settings: SPC flooring needs to be reserved for expansion joints when laying to allow the floor to expand and contract when temperature and humidity change. Generally speaking, an expansion joint needs to be set every 10 meters or so. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for correct settings.


Use glue rationally: If you need to use glue to fix the floor, please choose a special glue suitable for SPC flooring and use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid using too much glue as it will affect the flexibility of the floor.

Reasonable installation of transition strips: If it needs to transition with other types of floors or areas, use appropriate transition strips for smooth connection to ensure the overall effect and installation quality.


Maintenance method:

Here are some general methods of maintaining SPC flooring to help you prolong its life:


What is the service life of SPC flooring &how to maintain

Daily cleaning: Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the floor every day to ensure a clean floor.


Mop cleaning: Use a wet mop to wipe the floor regularly, you can use a slightly damp mop head or a special SPC floor cleaner. Be careful not to over-wet the floor so that moisture does not seep into the sub-floor.


Avoid scratches: Add cushions or foot covers to the bottom of the furniture to avoid scratches caused by direct contact between the furniture and the floor. Avoid using sharp objects to scratch the floor surface.


Prevent Contaminants: Immediately remove stains and liquids from the floor, if any liquid is spilled, wipe it quickly with a clean cloth, avoid prolonged soaking.


Prevent high temperature: SPC floor is sensitive to temperature, avoid placing high-temperature items directly on the floor, so as not to damage the floor surface.


Regular Maintenance: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for regular floor maintenance, such as the use of exterior protectors or polishes. Be sure to follow the guidance and instructions provided by the manufacturer.


With proper maintenance and proper use, you can extend the life of your SPC floor, maintaining its beauty and function. And choosing YINUO’s durable and easy-to-maintain SPC floor will provide you with a high-quality floor solution. Whether it is a home or a commercial place, YINUO flooring can meet your needs and create a comfortable and durable floor environment for you.

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