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Will SPC flooring fade when exposed to sunlight? How to prevent discoloration


For those who have SPC floors, they may be concerned that exposure to sunlight will cause the floor to fade. This article will answer whether SPC flooring is fade-resistant and provide some methods to prevent discoloration.


SPC floor (Stone Plastic Composite Floor) is a new type of floor material that is becoming more and more popular due to its advantages of water resistance, wear resistance, and easy installation. However, many people still worry that if the floor is exposed to sunlight for a long time, it will cause the floor to fade. So, will SPC flooring fade due to sunlight?

The answer is: Under normal circumstances, SPC floors will not fade due to sunlight. This is due to the special structure and materials used of SPC flooring.


First of all, the surface of the SPC floor is UV treated. UV treatment is a technology that can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from eroding the color of the floor by applying a special UV coating to the floor surface. This coating blocks most of the sun’s radiation and provides an extra layer of protection from fading.


Will SPC flooring fade when exposed to sunlight? How to prevent discoloration


Secondly, SPC flooring uses light-resistant stabilizers. Light stabilizers are additives that reduce chemical reactions when materials are exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun, thereby preventing color change and fading. This additive helps the floor maintain its original color and appearance.


However, although SPC flooring is resistant to fading to a certain extent, strong sunlight for a long time may still have a certain impact on the floor. To extend the life of your flooring and maintain its appearance, here are some suggestions for preventing SPC flooring from fading:

Avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time: Try to avoid direct sunlight on the SPC floor, especially during periods when the sun is strongest. You can use curtains, blinds, etc. to block direct sunlight and reduce the time the floor is exposed to sunlight.

Use sunshade window film: Installing sunshade window film can effectively filter out most ultraviolet and visible light, reducing sunlight damage to the floor. This kind of window film not only protects the floor, but also reduces indoor temperatures and saves energy.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance: Cleaning your floors regularly is an important step in maintaining their appearance. When using cleaners, choose one suitable for SPC floors and avoid using chemicals that are too strong. In addition, treat stains on the floor promptly to prevent them from drying out in the sun and making them difficult to clean.

Use carpets or floor mats: Carpets or floor mats can be placed in areas exposed to direct sunlight, which can not only play a decorative role, but also reduce the area of ​​the floor in direct contact with sunlight and reduce the risk of fading.


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In short, SPC flooring has a certain ability to resist fading due to its special structure and materials. However, in order to maximize the life and beauty of your floors, you still need to take care to avoid prolonged periods of intense sunlight, clean and maintain them regularly, and take some additional protective measures. In this way, you can use SPC flooring with confidence and enjoy the comfort and beauty brought by its advantages.

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